Making a list is a key to building your business. It will help you organize, follow up and train your contacts as they become Liv Members. The chart (available in Livuniversity.com) below is an example of how to “Make a List” and track the progress of your contacts. Many top leaders maintain lists of several hundred contacts. Don’t prejudge the people that you include on your list. It might surprise you who is interested in earning extra income and getting healthier.



  • Use Liv products
  • Contact 2 or more people
  • Engage in personal training
  • Review and add names to your list
  • Follow up with contacts and class attendees


  • Host 1-2 classes
  • Participate in training callls
  • Share 3-5 samples
  • Write down a plan to follow up with contacts
  • Show the Liv products and plan
  • Check in with your team members


  • Make sure your autoship is active
  • Review and update your goals
  • Review your team’s progress in your back office
  • Contact team members to recognize and encourage them