How to Access Your Backoffice.

  • Your Backoffice is where you can manage your LIV business. There you will have access to team member information and team volume. You can also place personal orders and manage your Monthly Convenience Program.  To log into your Backoffice (click here) or go to www.livoffice.com. Enter your Member ID and your Password.


How to Create Your LIV Replicated Site and Online Store!

  • The Replicated Site is where members and retail customers can purchase products or join your team. Once in your Backoffice, select “access site” from the Replicated Site in center of landing page. It will take you to your setup screen. Follow the instructions to create your account by selecting a replicated site name and clicking blue button to process. You will receive an email once your personal website has been created. It can take up to 24 hours to process. Once your Personal Website and Online Store Account have been created, you will be able to share your website address with contacts looking to order products.  For example if your ID# is 555555 your website address would be www.livonline.net/555555 or you may choose a unique name. You will also be able to place your own orders online in the virtual store through your backoffice. If you would like to change your replicated site address, please contact Customer Service and they will be happy to assist you.