We believe in the power of social businesses. The world is changing the way business is carried out. According to research, 90% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of marketing. Rather than pay for expensive advertising, Liv pays you to share the products. Liv’s simple business model leverages the power of purchasing products online or by making a simple phone call. It is a rapidly growing, proven business model with annual sales of over $180 billion. It is a business model that allows a person to start their own business for a small investment. Some of the benefits of owning your Liv business:

Be your own boss
Reap the tax benefits
Expand your circle of friends
Get the best for less
Be rewarded for your achievements
Harness the power of residual income
Time freedom

We believe that as we improve our health and finances we are better able to share and serve others.

We are about lifestyle and community. Lifestyle includes health, living in abundance, our relationships with others, and personal fulfillment. Community includes your family, your friends, the people with whom you play, worship, and work, and it also encompasses the entire world.