Introduce yourself. Be brief (usually less than 5 minutes)

Your introduction should include 4 areas.
1. Your background
2. Specific things you didn’t like about your situation
3. How your introduction to Liv helped you
4. Your results and how you feel about your future

Introduce the subject for the presentation (share sheets/topic focus) (15 minutes)

Testimonials (have members prepared to share their experiences regarding product/business).


“I originally joined Liv for…(reason—health/help others/money), then I found out…..”

“My dream is…………(financial freedom, more time, better health, etc.)
What is your dream? “

Use the “sharing resources” available from Liv International or download at Livuniversity.com

Overview should be no longer than an hour.

Not comfortable with sharing all the steps by yourself? Team up with your mentor or other team member and team teach. Be there for any questions at the end. Also be sure to invite your sponsor to act as the Expert when closing the room.