Your Guest List
When creating a Liv event, focus on your prospective guests. What topic will be of most interest to them? Deciding on a topic will also help you determine who to invite to the event. You may have several contacts that share the same interests, but don’t know each other. Don’t forget about spouses. The Liv products and opportunity can benefit a variety of individuals.

Ideas For Topics
Family Nutrition
Weight Loss
Heart Health
Sport Nutrition
Sugar Education
Diabetes Awareness

Once you have determined who you would like to invite to your Liv event, fill out the guest list so you can be sure to send them the invitation, phone calls and texts prior to the event. The guest list will also help you keep track of who you invite, and who attends your events. It is also an excellent tool for following up with those who attend your event, and also a reminder to invite a second time those that were unable to attend.