Sampling is perhaps the easiest way to introduce someone to Liv and to build your business. It is also the perfect exposure for people who know nothing about the products and opportunity.

“Liv products have empowered me to have healthy options for my family’s nutritional needs. They have changed what we put into our bodies each day, and have addressed many of our nutritional concerns. What concerns do you have?”

If you have an experience or know of an experience that someone else had with the product that addresses their concern you may wish to share that experience. (Be brief).

Offer them a sample of the product. Say something like “I think I have some extra. Here is a sample of (insert product name) to try. You use this by (insert use). I really like it because (name a simple benefit that fits their need). I will call you in two days and see how it worked for you.”

This does 3 things:
Ensures that they are OK with you calling them and having their contact information.
Lets them know that you are interested in their health and shows them that you have confidence in the products.
They in turn see how easy it is to share Liv products.

During the follow-up call:
Ask if they had a chance to use the product.
If they haven’t, share additional information or an experience that will encourage them to use the product.
If they did use the product, ask them what they liked best about the sample. If they have concerns or questions you can say “I don’t know, all I know is”...and then share an experience. Let them know that you can contact an expert to answer any questions that they might have.

Once an individual has experienced the taste and health benefits of Liv products, he or she will be excited to attend a Liv event to learn more.