Sharing Liv is all about connecting. As you share samples and your experiences with Liv products, your friends and family will naturally want to know more about the Liv products and business opportunity. Sharing samples is a proven strategy to create interest in the products. Liv products are designed to share with others.

Make the products visible by carrying your products with you, especially your Liv Green bottles.
Be a good listener and offer solutions. Listen to the needs and wants of your contact. Offer Liv as a solution whether it be health or financial concerns.
Post before and after pictures—yours and others.
Avoid the tendency to give too many details. Keeping your message simple lets your contact know how simple it is to share the products.
Have samples readily available, and be ready to share a testimonial that relates to their health issues.
Customize your Liv message to be a perfect fit for their health or financial concern.
Share your Liv experiences, or the experiences of others.
Holding a Liv event can be an excellent way to learn and share your and other’s experiences.

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings tend to be the best attended nights. Avoid weekends when possible. Consider a reoccurring date and time. Avoid conflicts with community activities.

Your house or a place where you feel comfortable entertaining guests.

What to prepare?
Invite members of your team to participate. Assign specific tasks to team Members such as sharing a product or business experience, setting up a product display, or assisting with the presentation. Many Liv Members also choose to have pot luck refreshments at their event. Assign members items to bring. Having snacks available creates a festive atmosphere.